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Add Ons: Speciality Rice

Speciality rice is introduced to complete your meal in terms of a complete meal and as well as your nutrients consumption. Our speciality rice is nutritious and appetising to compliment your meal. We have 7 different speciality rice to provide you with a variation in your meal every week. Speciality rice is rich in nutrients to accommodate your loved ones with a complete meal without having to worry about a healthy and substantial spread.

olive rice


yam rice


garlic rice


long beans rice


pumpkin rice


lemongrass rice


cabbage rice


Double Boiled Nutritious Soup

There are two techniques of boiling: in bou (煲), the stock is brought to a rolling boil over a high heat, before the flame is lowered and simmered for 3 hours.

Double boiling or dun (炖) is a much slower and more gentle process, characterised by submerging a ceramic pot within an outer pot of boiling water – similar in concept to the double layered metal pots the French refer to as a bain marie. The soup is not boiled twice, as its name suggests.

This technique is said to achieve the maximum extraction of flavour with little compromise to the flavour or texture of the ingredients used. It is therefore the method of choice for coaxing forth the delicate flavours of nourishing tonics. Full flavour extraction can take up to 5 hours.


365 Days Delivery Available

singapore catering service

Delivery timeslots:

9:30am – 1:30pm (Lunch)

330pm – 7:30pm (Dinner)

how to order catering singapore
how to order catering singapore
how to order catering singapore

Best Catering For Tingkat Delivery In Singapore

Our tingkat delivery service is perfect for working adults who are too busy to prepare their meals.

Our meals are packed with nutrient-dense foods and are made with less oil, less salt, and no MSG which also makes them perfect for the elderly.

If you are interested in trying us out, we offer 7-day tingkat trial packages

We also provide lunch and dinner deliveries suitable for 1 to 6 pax. Check out the types of tingkat packages we have or contact us to find out more about our catering service.

Healthy Tingkat For Elderly

Happy MamaPapa Catering was founded based on our hope to ensure that elderlies in Singapore receive the nutrition they need from their meals. That is why we created our dishes with less salt, less oil, and no added MSG.

The ingredients in our tingkat meals are specially prepared to be easily digestible. They are softer and easier to chew, allowing the bodies of older people to easily process and absorb the nutrients they need.

Plus, our menu plan is specially designed to suit the taste buds of the young and old. It is also filled with healthy foods like scallops and red dates.

With us, you can save time and effort while ensuring that your family enjoys the best, healthiest tingkats in Singapore.

Why Choose Happy MamaPapa Catering?

Healthy Tingkat With Less Salt, Less Oil, And No MSG

Our dishes are made with your health in mind; not only are our meals delicious, but they are also healthy and good for you.

They also come with double-boiled soup, made using a unique boiling technique that preserves nutrients without compromising on flavour.

Wide Variety Of Healthy And Nutritious Dishes

Our tingkat catering menu features an extensive selection of healthy Chinese-style dishes.

From crowd favourites like our sweet and sour fish to familiar options like sesame oil chicken, we have something that will satisfy even the fussiest eater.

If you are looking for more variety, you may also choose to upgrade your tingkat meals to include our speciality rice.

Available in 7 varieties, the rice is perfect if you are looking for something nutritious and delicious to complement your meals.

Affordable And Healthy Tingkat Lunch and Dinner Delivery

For busy families who do not have time to prepare their meals, we offer highly affordable packages starting from $4.80/meal.

If you are looking for something affordable and healthy to eat throughout the day, we have got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Tingkat Delivery

Yes, we do! We offer tingkat delivery services for 1 up to 6 pax.

Simply indicate your preferences when ordering and we will prepare your meals accordingly.

We offer 2 delivery time slots:

  • 9.30am — 1.30pm (Lunch)
  • 3.30pm — 7.30pm (Dinner)

Our tingkat delivery fees are as follows:

  • HDB/landed house: Free 
  • Condominium (to guardhouse): Free
  • Condominium (to unit): $25.00
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